Massage Therapy in Troy, Michigan

Massage Therapy

Located in Troy, Michigan, our licensed massage therapists are ready to help you. At Advanced Health Chiropractic, we believe that massage is not a luxury, but a necessary service. Whether you have a past injury that continues to pain you, a chronic disease, or simply want to achieve optimum health, find out how one of our professional therapists can help you take the best care of your body.

Massage Therapy Hours

Monday 8:30 am -1:00pm, 3:00-6:30pm
Tuesday 3-7pm
Wednesday 8:30 am -1:00pm, 3:00-6:30pm
Thursday CLOSED
Friday 8:30 am -1:00pm, 3:00-6:00pm
Saturday 9:00 am-12:00pm

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Troy, Michigan Massage Therapy at Advanced Health Chiropractic

We offer thirty or sixty minute appointments with one of our registered massage therapists, which must be booked in advance. You will receive your massage on a massage table. We can incorporate essential oils if desired, and can advise you on the best essential oils for your situation. For example, you might choose eucalyptus oil for pain relief or juniper berry for skin problems. *Note that some essential oils may be contraindicated if you are pregnant.

Massages may or may not be covered by insurance, and it is best to check with your insurance company for details about your specific coverage. We recommend a once or twice monthly schedule to enhance chiropractic work and help lymphatic drainage. Talk to one of our chiropractors about the best massage schedule for you. Massage therapy is particularly useful if you have low back pain, a weak immune system or weak muscles. It can even help lower your stress levels and reduce depression.


Chiropractic massage can improve overall health and musculoskeletal efficiency. Massage can result in many beneficial effects on the body and the mind. These may include removal of toxins that can build up in the muscles of the body, increase flexibility and increased circulation to the muscles and connective tissue.

Massage can help reduce muscle spasms as well as improve soft tissue injuries. Increasing the movement and reducing the overall recovery time by assisting the body’s healing process. Chiropractic Massage has proven beneficial in assisting the healing of a large number of conditions including back pain, surgery recovery, sleep disorders as well as high blood pressure and diabetes among others.

Troy, Michigan Prenatal Massage

We offer specific massage therapy for pregnant women. Prenatal massage can make labor shorter and easier and shorten your hospital stay. Massage therapy during pregnancy can also reduce symptoms such as anxiety and back pain. Our therapists are properly trained to handle prenatal massage. We avoid the feet and low back during the first trimester and follow good practices such as positioning the patient on her left side as much as possible during the second and third trimester to keep pressure off the vena cava. Although massage therapy is contraindicated during high risk pregnancies, it helps most pregnant women.

Troy, Michigan Sports Massage

Fitness and sports massage helps athletes – at any level – succeed. Our sports massage therapists will work with you to focus on muscles relevant to your specific sport or event, whether you plan on running a marathon, winning a body builder contest, skiing, or just going on an active outdoor vacation. Properly planned sports massage can enhance endurance and lessen injury risk, as well as shortening recovery times. And, of course, if you are unfortunate enough to injure yourself, sports massage can be a useful part of your rehabilitation.

Sports massage can only help to a degree with pain caused by incorrect form, however. We often recommend corrective exercises designed for you and your sport to help make sure your pain or stiffness does not come back and reduce the risk of repeat injury.

Book Your Troy, Michigan Massage at Advanced Health Chiropractic Today

Whether you are expecting a baby, trying to relieve back pain or just want to be healthier, call us today for a relaxing massage appointment. Our registered therapists are waiting for you. Feel free to give us a call at 248-813-0500 to book an appointment.

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