Phase 1: Relief Care

Put Your Hands in the Air for Relief Care!

Relief Care ChiropractorOften times, people visit the chiropractor because they are experiencing pain. In Phase 1, our main goal is to reduce pain you may be experience or eliminate the pain entirely. In some cases, this may require daily visits to the office, or 2-3 visits per week for a period of time.

In other cases, there are many who believe that if they don’t feel any pain, there is no problem to fix, and that they are completely healthy. Unfortunately, pain alone is not a reliable indicator of your overall health. In many cases, pain and other symptoms only manifest themselves after the problem or condition has become advanced and is more difficult to treat.

Cavities are a great example of this concept. While there is a problem, they may grow for months while going completely unnoticed by the individual with the cavity. The pain may only manifest after the cavity has become advanced, and is beginning to damage nerves or the root. The same is true for cancer, heart disease, diabetes, stress and many other problems with the spine. During your chiropractic care, pain can be one of the first symptoms to disappear, even though the underlying condition remains and should be taken care of.

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