What to Expect

Laying the Foundation

Chiropractor and Patient

Your wellness and chiropractic care are similar to building a home. The foundation must be strong in order for everything to work as it should. If you tried putting up your walls before you had poured the foundation, the walls would not be as strong, and you would need to go back and pour the foundation before any serious damage occured to the home. Your body works the same way. In order for your body to do the best job at healing and maintaining itself, there is a foundation that must be set with these three general phases of chiropractic care:

Our goal is always to help you feel better. If you are experiencing pain when you enter our office, we will do what is necessary to help relieve that pain. This may mean you need care 2-3 times per week for the first 4-12 weeks.

Once we have resolved the most immediate pain points, we can move into the Corrective/Restorative Care phase. During this phase, we allow more time for your muscles and other tissues to heal for more of a long-term treatment plan. It’s not uncommon to need care 1-2 times per week for a period of 6-24 months during this phase. This amount will be determined by the severity of your problem along with your overall health.

When the corrective/restoratice care has been completed, we begin the Wellness Care phase. It is important to continue coming in for periodic adjustments to help avoid and minimize any problems in the future. Typically, wellness care adjustments are quick visits that happen 1-4 times per month. This amount will be determined by your potential for future problems and your overall health.