Our Reviews

Dr. Bell has been fantastic to work with. My back has always been a problem and my concern has been, it’s getting worse. I went in to see Dr. Bell and he was able to provide me with a full education on what exactly was going on with MY back and what he could do to remedy it. So far I have been very pleased.

Brandon - Legal Professional

I suffered from daily headaches, stiff neck and sore back. Advanced Health Chiropractic has improved my life very much. I went from having headaches every day to hardly ever getting them. They improved the soreness of my body, allowing me to be more comfortable everyday

Rachel Martens -

I suffered over two months prior to my visits with no relief from pain just more medication that didn’t work. Since going to Advanced Health Chiropractic I have actually found pain relief, where going to my medical doctor and physical therapy didn’t work. This has healed me without any side effects from medicine or further stress. This should be your first and primary place for any pain treatment

Melissa Sacich -

I have tried everything possible to get rid of the constant headaches that I have suffered from for at least five years. I had tried everything possible to get rid of my headaches. I mean all the over the counter migraine medicines, prescriptions anything you can think of! Dr. Jamie saved my life and I am able to function thanks to the miracle of natural healing through chiropractic.

Jihan Bader -

I suffered from neck, middle back and lower back pain. I tried physical therapy for a while but it just didn’t seem to go away completely. Since I started with Dr.Belll, I have felt the best I have ever felt. I never thought that I would be without pain but the treatment I received at Advanced Health Chiropractic has really helped.

Carolyn Donley -

I can’t believe I waited so long. I was nervous to try chiropractic, not knowing what it was really going to entail, but Dr. Jamie and Dr. Lisa were very informative and trustworthy. My life has been changed because of them I felt like a 90 year old women before and thought that was what getting older felt like. I feel young again!!!

Mindy Withun -

I had chronic back pain during my second pregnancy. When I gave birth to my son my back pain only got worse. I tried physical therapy and medication but nothing relieved my pain. The pain I was experiencing caused me to be irritable. I was unable to play with my sons, participate in sports or take leisure walks with my husband. After treatment at Advanced Health Chiropractic I feel like I have been given a new back. I can now go on bike rides with my kids, take long walks with my husband and sleep through the night. Best of all I am pain free every single day!!!

Eva Duller -