5 Conditions You Didn't Know Massage

5 Conditions You Didn’t Know Massage Could Help Alleviate

A professional massage is not just great for relieving stress after a long week of work; it can also alleviate a lot of different health conditions. A massage might not be able to cure your health condition, but it can help manage a lot of the symptoms that come with it. Here are five different health conditions you did not know a massage could help alleviate.

Massage & Cancer

Cancer is a life-threatening disease that comes with a lot of unpleasant side effects such as fatigue, nausea, depression and pain. The side effects can be so bad some days that you do not even want to get out of bed. If you get a professional massage, you can alleviate a lot of these symptoms and feel like yourself again. It is best to visit a massage therapist who has experience working with cancer patients. Your massage therapist should give you a very light massage and avoid touching any tumors or treatment sites.

Massage & Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s disease is another debilitating condition that can be helped with a massage. A professional massage can relax an Alzheimer’s patient so that he is less agitated and can fall asleep easier. A massage can also help an Alzheimer’s patient become more aware of his own body,  prevent wandering, and other disruptive behavior.

Massage & Heart Disease

If you suffer from heart disease, you will definitely want to give massage therapy a chance. In addition to increasing blood circulation, massage therapy can send messages of relaxation to your central nervous system. This will cause your blood vessels to widen and decrease your blood pressure and heart rate. If you get regular massages, you can improve the health of your heart and live a much longer life.

Massage & Depression

Depression might not hurt your body physically, but it can still be debilitating. If you are not comfortable taking antidepressants, try getting regular massages to relieve your depression symptoms. When a professional massage therapist gives you a therapeutic massage, it can ease tension and anxiety, which can improve your mood.

Massage & Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a hand and arm condition that is categorized by tingling, numbness, weakness and muscle damage. This condition can feel uncomfortable and downright painful at times. If a massage therapist focuses on your wrists and hands during a massage, it can relieve a lot of your symptoms. If you get a professional massage a few times a month, you will likely feel much less pain and tingling in your muscles and joints.

As you can see, massage therapy can do you a world of good. If you suffer from one of these conditions, you should definitely consider getting a professional massage. It is a lot safer than taking prescription drugs and will make you feel so much better. Before you get your massage, tell your massage therapist about your specific health condition. If she knows about your specific needs, they can give you a much better massage. Visit Advanced Health Chiropractic to schedule a professional massage in the Troy, MI. area.