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Back Pain due to Sciatica

One of the most common reasons why people seek the help of a trained and experienced medical professional is back pain. While there are many possible causes of back pain, one serious problem is sciatica.

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What Is Sciatica?

Sciatica develops due to irritation of the sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerve is one of the biggest nerves in the body and runs from the back down through the legs.

  • A few of the most common symptoms of sciatica include:
  • A feeling of numbness or tingling in the lower back and legs
  • Pain in the leg that gets worse when sitting
  • Pain that is present on one side of the back
  • Pain that makes it hard to stand up

These are just a few of the most common symptoms of sciatica. This condition can vary widely in its severity, depending on the exact nature of the condition.

What Causes Sciatica?

For those wondering what triggers sciatica, some of the most common causes include swelling, compression, and inflammation of the sciatic nerve. Sometimes, individuals develop sciatica following an acute accident or traumatic injury. In some situations, sciatica develops slowly over a prolonged period of time. Regardless, those who have been diagnosed with sciatica should rely on an experienced chiropractor for sciatica treatments.

Chiropractor and Sciatica: Advanced Health Chiro

Even though sciatica can be challenging, a sciatica chiropractor in Troy, Michigan can provide exceptional care, helping someone recover while limiting complications and side effects. A few of the ways that a chiropractor in Troy can help with sciatica treatments include:

  • Accurate Diagnosis of sciatica: The first step in treating sciatica is to make an accurate diagnosis. A chiropractor can review someone’s symptoms, perform a physical exam, and quickly diagnose this condition.
  • Chiropractic massage therapy: Massage therapy is important for alleviating inflammation and tenderness in and around the sciatic nerve. This can go a long way toward helping someone recover.
  • Chiropractic adjustments: Using chiropractic adjustments, a chiropractor can ensure that the vertebrae in the back are properly aligned. This can alleviate irritation of the sciatic nerve.
  • Spinal decompression: In some cases, one or more vertebrae might be compressing the sciatic nerve directly. Using spinal decompression, this compression can be alleviated, helping patients recover.
  • Chiropractic exercises: Corrective exercises are used to improve muscular support in the lower back. This can alleviate some of the stress on the sciatic nerve.
  • Lifestyle changes: Diet and exercise are important for helping patients recover from sciatica.
    Using lifestyle changes, it is possible to help patients not just get better but also stay better.
  • Heat and cold therapies: Alternating ice and heat can help reduce inflammation and treat swelling that might contribute to sciatica.
  • Ultrasound and other modalities: We are constantly looking for new and improved treatments to help our patients recover. Ultrasound therapy can help calm the nerves of the lower back, including the sciatic nerve.

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