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Non-invasive Chiropractic Treatment for Herniated Discs
Your chiropractor offers non-surgical treatment alternatives for a ruptured, bulging, or herniated disc. If you are experiencing back pain somewhere along the spine and suspect that you have a disc problem, a herniated disc chiropractor may be able to provide non-surgical treatment and alleviate pain. Successful non-invasive disc treatment can often restore a person’s pain-free quality of life. So, call for an evaluation before you choose the surgical route to try to remedy herniated disc symptoms.

What is a Herniated Disc or Slipped Disc?

The spinal discs are shock absorbers and they enable spinal flexibility. They consist of a strong outer layer (annulus fibrosus) with a soft gel inside (nucleus pulposus). In some people, tiny fissures breach the disc’s outside layer and the substance inside the disc starts to press outward from the disk. So, the discs don’t actually slip, even though the term “slipped disc” is commonly used by the public to refer to ruptured, bulging, or herniated discs.

There are many possible herniated disc causes, such as bad posture creating pressure on the disc, physical injury, or other potential causes. The condition frequently starts as only a minor effect, then eventually worsens until back pain and/or other symptoms occur.

Chiropractor’s Evaluation for Herniated Discs

During your diagnostic appointment, your chiropractor will review your medical history, conduct a physical examination, evaluate your posture and spinal functioning, and possibly order an X-ray or MRI, or other tests, if necessary. He or she will use the diagnostic information gathered to determine the nature of your disc problem and recommend treatment accordingly.

What is the Chiropractic Treatment for a Herniated Disc?

Your chiropractor can develop a tailored treatment plan for you that may include gentle adjustments and other methods to help alleviate symptoms of a herniated disk. Treatment may also feature therapeutic herniated disc exercises, among other options. Particular treatments are based on your pain level, your regular activity level, and your general health condition. Some of the most common chiropractic treatments for herniated discs are:

  • Spinal Decompression: This is a nonsurgical process of gently stretching the spine and very slightly manipulating its position. This relieves pressure on the spine and nerves to help the herniated disc retract and receive replenishing moisture, oxygen, nutrients, and other healing substances that can flow normally into the disc again. This safe, non-invasive therapeutic state-of-the-art chiropractic method can provide long-term pain relief and allow many patients to avoid back surgery.
  • Pelvic Blocking Techniques for Herniated Discs: These methods alleviate symptoms. The treatments sometimes involve using wedge-shaped cushions under each side of the pelvis.
  • Spinal Manipulation Under Anesthesia (MUA): MUA is a form of chiropractic treatment for certain spinal conditions that are most successfully addressed in a hospital with the patient under anesthesia.
  • Gentle Spinal Exercises: Some therapeutic spinal exercises can facilitate certain modifications to draw the disc away from a nerve on which it might be causing pressure.

Who Can Have Chiropractic Treatment for a Herniated Disc?

The majority of intervertebral disc injuries are herniated discs. Your chiropractor can recommend treatment options based on your specific condition. However, not all patients are appropriate candidates for some chiropractic treatments. For example, if you have a severe loss of physical sensation, reflexes, or strength along with other possible neurological symptoms, your chiropractor will give you a referral to a spine surgeon or other healthcare provider.

Choosing Chiropractic Solution for a Herniated Disc

Chiropractic treatment for a herniated disk involves a process of gentle adjustments. This kind of treatment is effective and safe for the majority of patients. Such treatment involves an individualized therapeutic plan over about a 6-week period. If symptoms persist, or your chiropractor determines that it’s necessary, he or she may refer you to a spinal surgeon.

Herniated Disc Treatment in Troy, Michigan

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