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Chiropractic Tips for Better Sleep

“Only when one cannot sleep does one know how long the night is.” Anyone who’s ever experienced an occasional bout with insomnia—and that’s most of us—can relate to this all too well. Sleep deprivation has a significant negative impact on our health. When we consistently don’t get a good night’s sleep, our performance and safety […]

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Sports Chiropractic for Common Injuries Athletes Face

Sports Chiropractic for Common Injuries Athletes Face

Pain happens for a reason, and seeking out help when you have an acute injury or have pain from repetitive motion or overuse can help prevent long term problems. Addressing an injury promptly is a must if you want to prevent permanent damage. Learning more about the types of injuries you could sustain on the […]

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Reduce Back pain in troy michigan

Everyday Things You Can Do to Ease Back Pain

Identifying Back Pain: Acute vs Chronic Acute pain begins suddenly, but does not last long. It immediately follows injury, lifting, bending, or twisting. The reason for pain is identifiable and the duration is temporary. As the injury heals, the pain subsides. Typically, acute pain will not last longer than six weeks. Beginning gradually, chronic pain […]

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Tips to Lower Chronic Back Pain

Tips to Lower Chronic Back Pain

Whether it’s from toting around a toddler, an old sports injury, a strenuous job, or just a problem that popped up out of nowhere, back pain can put your life on hold as it impacts everything you do. Unfortunately, most people will experience back pain at some point and for many it becomes a chronic […]

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5 Conditions You Didn't Know Massage

5 Conditions You Didn’t Know Massage Could Help Alleviate

A professional massage is not just great for relieving stress after a long week of work; it can also alleviate a lot of different health conditions. A massage might not be able to cure your health condition, but it can help manage a lot of the symptoms that come with it. Here are five different […]

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From Our Chiropractors: 5 Tips for a Fun, Healthy Summer

Summer has arrived, and our chiropractors at Advanced Health Chiropractic want you to enjoy the season to its fullest while staying your healthiest. Summer not only brings fun with outdoor theaters and concerts, camping, and baseball, but also with a chance to stay healthy in new, exciting ways. Follow these five tips to improve your […]

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We Launched New Chiropractor Website in Troy Michigan

We Launched Our New Website!

As I’m sure we all know, the Internet is only continuing to grow each day.  What’s new today will be old news in a week and that means that businesses need to keep up with the times in order to survive.  With that being said – Advanced Health has decided to take a step into […]

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