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Stretches to Do at Your Desk to Relieve Neck and Back Pain - Low Back Pain Relief

How to Relieve Lower Back Pain

Back pain is a virtually pervasive ailment in the United States. As high as 80 percent of U.S. Americans are afflicted with back pain occasionally. Lower back pain is the most common. It is often caused by typical strains or sprains from basic house or yard work, chronic conditions like arthritis, or the intermittent recurrence […]

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Remedy for Back Pain Due to Cold Weather - Back Pain in Winter

Why Does My Back Pain Seem Worse in Cold Weather?

The winter season is a refreshing break from the summer heat. It also brings beautiful snow, holiday celebrations, exciting winter sports, and more. But, many people find themselves coping with increased back pain in winter due to continuous inflammation or spine issues. If you’re concerned that cold weather may be contributing to the back pain […]

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4 Superb Stretches to Do at Your Desk - Relieve Neck and Back Pain

4 Superb Stretches To Do At Your Desk To Relieve Neck and Back Pain

Back pain is the leading global cause of disability. Frequent upper and lower back pain exercises and other healthy movements of the back muscles, vertebrae, and connective membranes have proven to be one of the best ways to help prevent back pain. Stretching relieves the pressure on the back and brings increased blood circulation into […]

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Support Your Local Family Chiropractor - Advanced Health Chiropractic

Small Business Saturday: Support Your Local Family Chiropractor

Small Business Saturday features a small business in Utah – your local chiropractors: What’s the difference between receiving chiropractic care at a large facility on a sprawling medical campus and a smaller office at a more accessible location? Everything. A small, privately-owned medical practice offers many benefits to patients that the big, corporately owned healthcare […]

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Chiropractic Health Center for Back Pain - Causes of Back Pain

Troy’s #1 Chiropractic Health Center for Back Pain

An estimated 80% of people will experience some type of back pain during their lives. Back pain has become the leading cause of disability in the United States. Therefore, unfortunately, the odds are that you’ll experience back pain of some type and degree at some time in your life. Those statistics are concerning for everyone. […]

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Have a Chiropractic Adjustment and Improve Your Health and Posture Quality

How a Chiropractor Can Help Fix Bad Posture

Posture is simply the position of the body while sitting or standing, or even lying down. Good posture, called neutral spine, delivers many essential health benefits, including freedom from back pain due to poor posture. But, it can sometimes be challenging to figure out how to fix bad posture and habitually maintain healthy posture without […]

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Contact for Back Pain Treatment From Shoveling Snow

Treating Snow Shoveling Injuries: Ice or Heat?

The average person might shovel 750 to 1,500 pounds of snow on a typical driveway in a day with just 3 – 6 inches of wet snow! So, it’s not surprising that shoveling snow leads to more than 11,500 hospital treatments every year related to snow shoveling, according to the American Journal of Emergency Medicine. […]

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Man Shoveling Snow

Tips for Overcoming Back Pain After Shoveling Snow

Shoveling snow is an activity you can’t avoid during winter in the Troy area, so it’s important to do it safely. When you shovel heavy loads of snow, you can end up with a sore back. The following tips can help you find relief for back pain. Get Moving When your back hurts, you might […]

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Mitigating Computer-Related Injuries Through Chiropractic- Advanced Health Chiropractic

Mitigating Computer-Related Injuries Through Chiropractic Care

According to a study by the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System database, 98% of those polled sustained injuries while at home. Such injuries increase two-fold for homes with computers. Most of these cases are tied to the lack of proper posture while sitting for long hours on a computer. These numbers are set to rise […]

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Chiropractor Treating Injury

Why Should You See a Chiropractor After a Personal Injury?

A personal injury can be life-altering in many ways, causing bodily harm, emotional distress, pain, and suffering to a person. whether or not symptoms and pain are present, it is always advisable to visit a chiropractor within the soonest time possible. For fast and accurate assessment of your injuries, the chiropractor can address it and […]

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