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Mitigating Computer-Related Injuries Through Chiropractic Care

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According to a study by the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System database, 98% of those polled sustained injuries while at home. Such injuries increase two-fold for homes with computers. Most of these cases are tied to the lack of proper posture while sitting for long hours on a computer.

These numbers are set to rise as more people switch to a work-from-home environment. But, it’s not all gloom and doom. We can get ahead of such outliers by leading a less sedentary life and being conscious of our posture at a computer.

Here are a few more things that will help us avoid computer-related injuries:

What Are The Most Common Types Of Computer-Related Injuries?

Did you know our body pays the price whenever we sit for long hours in unhealthy postures? This is called RSI (repetitive strain injury); it’s more common than most people assume. A lack of exercise or at least a decent amount of stretching further compounds the issue. Common injuries include:

Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow is an RSI that causes severe discomfort and pain to the elbow. Such pain can move up or down the forearm; at times, even moving our figures can magnify the condition.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is caused by straining the median nerve on the wrist. Symptoms include a weaker grip, clumsiness, shooting night pains, and strange sensations in our finger.

Disk Injury

Disk Injury occurs when we sit in an improper posture at a computer for extended periods. This strains the muscles on intervertebral discs, which overloads the spine.

Mouse Shoulder

Mouse Shoulder arises from elevating our shoulders for long or slouching to accommodate mouse movements. The pain is minor at first but can result in a severe rotator cuff injury if untreated.

Computer Back or Posterior Cervical Dorsal Syndrome

Computer Back or Posterior Cervical Dorsal Syndrome is common these days. It’s due to all the leaning, hunching, and staining that occurs when we sit in front of a computer all day. It can lead to headaches, muscle tension, and labored breathing.

Lumbar Strains and Pains

Lumbar Strains and Pains stem from sitting down for long periods without getting up to stretch. They lead to muscle tightness and swellings to the hips and back.

How Can Proper Posture Mitigate Computer-Related Injuries?

Do these injuries sound familiar to us? Well, please, we shouldn’t pop a painkiller just yet. This could further compound our misery, and it’s not a healthy solution. Most of these injuries are tied to how we sit at a computer.
Here is the importance of good posture towards mitigating RSI:

Posture for Sitting

We should sit with our feet flat to the ground, straightened back and chin. This relaxes the abdomen, shoulders, and every muscle.

Posture for Back Pain

Assuming the proper posture for sitting along with the right chair, can remedy back pain. Please insist on an office chair that offers lumbar support and features ergonomic adjustments for the back and our height.

Posture for Neck Pain

Our ears need to be positioned above the shoulders to reduce neck strains. It also helps to keep our chest open and confidently keeping the shoulders back.

Proper Sitting Posture for Typing

We should always keep our back straight and make good use of the armrest on our seat. This reduces strain to the shoulders, back as well as hips.

Proper Sitting Posture at Computer

Putting the previous postures into practice will ensure we assume a proper posture while sitting at a computer. It’s also advisable to adjust our chair and screen to the right elevation, so we don’t need to slouch.

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