Man Shoveling Snow

Tips for Overcoming Back Pain After Shoveling Snow

Man Shoveling Snow

Shoveling snow is an activity you can’t avoid during winter in the Troy area, so it’s important to do it safely. When you shovel heavy loads of snow, you can end up with a sore back. The following tips can help you find relief for back pain.

Get Moving

When your back hurts, you might think it’s better to take it easy and not be on your feet much. However, this can actually slow your recovery. Being active with simple workouts can help improve blood flow to your muscles, easing soreness and inflammation. Taking walks or doing a treadmill workout are effective ways to get your blood circulating and relieve back pain. Just make sure that you don’t do exercises or activities that put too much strain on your back, or you risk making inflammation or soreness worse.

Apply Ice and Heat

Ice and heat can help ease discomfort if you have back pain after shoveling snow. You should put ice on the affected area for the first day or two, which can help reduce inflammation. After that, you can alternate between applying ice and heat to promote blood flow and ease muscle tension. When applying ice, make sure you don’t put it directly on your skin, since it can cause irritation.

Eat Healthy

The foods you eat while you have back pain can affect your recovery. You should include plenty of foods with protein and complex carbs in your diet. Protein and complex carbs can help sore muscles heal. Complex carbs include whole grains, vegetables, beans, and similar foods, while protein is found in many foods, including dairy products, eggs, seafood, poultry, lean meats, nuts, and legumes.

Take Warm Baths with Epsom Salt

Sitting in warm water with a bit of Epsom Salt in it can help ease muscle tension that causes pain and stiffness. Epsom Salt contains magnesium, which your body absorbs while you’re in the tub. Magnesium helps reduce muscle soreness and tension.

Get Rest

While being on your feet and getting some physical activity is an important part of your recovery, you should also get some rest. When your back is hurting, avoid doing strenuous activities that could cause further damage. Resting and doing gentle exercises rather than intense ones can help relieve soreness in your back.

See a Back Chiropractor

If you’re wondering “should I go to a chiropractor,” you might want to consider this if your back pain doesn’t go away. Chiropractors can provide you with treatment to help correct spinal issues that you might have after shoveling snow. These spinal adjustments are done in order to ease tightness in the affected part of your back. With help from the best chiropractor in Troy, you can experience back pain relief and get back to your usual daily activities.

If you need a chiropractor for back pain, please contact Advanced Health Chiropractic to schedule an appointment. Our local chiropractor in the Troy area can provide you with treatment to help ease back pain. We offer chiropractic care, including advanced spinal correction and massage therapy. We also have multiple payment options available for our services.

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