Chiropractic Gardening Tips

Gardening, while entirely helpful for household exteriors, may be brutal for backs. While many natural gardening practices exist—and while many relieve back tension—consistent outdoor labor may overstretch specific spinal areas, straining ligaments and inflaming areas.

According to’s capture of U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission data, over 41,000 individuals experienced injury during gardening in 2010. However, using a rake, a garden hose or de-weeder needn’t be painful, and maintaining a lush garden is simple when proper precautions are taken.


The Importance of Stretching While Gardening to Prevent Back Pain

Stretching relives stress, and it loosens ligaments and tendons responsible for complex movements. While gardening, itself, isn’t incredibly demanding of complex movements, repeated exposure to bending may stiffen ones back.


Don’t Overdo It When Gardening to Prevent Back Pain

When achieving comfort and flexibility, don’t become overzealous with gardening. Define your goals, and don’t get carried away. Make a planner, and decide to plant, weed, rake or trim. Or, break each task into cross-daily completions, reducing your back’s overall stress.


Comfort is King When Raking and Gardening

When raking and gardening, dress for comfort. Non-restrictive clothing releases tension, making movements easy and accessible. Remember to wear supportive shoes, too.


Use Straps on Handheld Equipment to Improve Posture When Gardening

Foam pads, easy-use rakes and towels are your friend, and each assists users when pulling weeds becomes an issue. Trim equipment, too, is often available with arm straps—making weight distribution a feature, rather than a necessity.


Hydration and Rest are Important

Seriously: hydration is vital. Often, gardeners experience achiness due to dehydration. Joints without water support may become brittle overtime, creating back and leg pain. Similarly, taking up various tasks and resting appropriately can help keep your body from becoming tense. Alternating tasks is important. When complex tasks are undertaken, swapping hands, changing frequency and utilizing different tools will reduce stress, and it will stretch several areas.


Use Proper Form and Be Aware of Your Posture

Proper raking relieves the back’s natural curves. With one leg forward, and one leg back, sweep the ground before you. Raking, over time, may be fatiguing. Proper form reduces extended injury when proper form is used.


Treating Gardening Pain in Troy, Michigan with Chiropractic Care

Those experiencing back pain after gardening may utilize an ice bag for 20 minutes, and every three hours, for a day of relief. The following day, utilizing a heating pad for the same amount of time may assist back pain relief processes. Those experiencing prolonged back pain beyond this point should contact Advanced Health Chiropractic in Troy, Michigan.