Lady Exercising on the Beach

10 Simple Things You Can Start Doing Now To Stop Lower Back Pain

Lady Exercising on the Beach

Is lower back pain making life hard for you at work, home, or in the things you like to do for fun? Well, there’s no cure-all-solution. Many people in searching for a lasting solution often overlook the importance of good posture. Adopting a healthy posture for various activities to help manage the pain and related symptoms.

Here are a few things you should start doing to stop lower back pain.

Quit Hunching Your Back

A hunched back causes untold strain on the joints and muscles that line your lower back. This strain manifests as lower back pain over time. Maintain the correct posture for sitting, and other activities can do wonders towards eliminating lower back pain.

Exercise More Often

Leading a sedentary lifestyle makes adopt an ineffective posture for back pain. You may experience discomfort at the start of your workout, so it’s wise to start with simple exercises that can strengthen your lower back.

Adopt the Posture for Sleeping

The fetal position comes as a highly recommended emergency measure for severe lower back pain. Laying with your legs bent and your head pressed towards your knees realigns your spinal disks. It may present some challenges, especially if you share a bed.

So you can do it for 30 minutes a day then try to lay on your back for the rest of the night.

Quit Smoking

Studies show that smoking aggravates your chances of suffering from lower back pain. It’s hard to go cold turkey, so please consult your doctor on plans and therapies that can help you kick the habit.

Avoid Passive Solutions

Cold/hot presses, acupuncture, and other passive remedies may work only in the short term. Most research on lower back pain shows that active self-care is the best way to correct posture for sitting and other activities. Consult a therapist for the best exercises you can do.

Avoid Repetitive “Forward Bending”

Bending too much exerts strain on your disks that lead to muscle aches. This may be unavoidable depending on your work line, but performing exercises that focus on backward bending can help you offset this strain.

Avoid Lifting Heavy Things

Continually lifting and carrying heavy things causes lower back pain. If it’s part of your job, consider requesting your employer for special lifting equipment or an additional pair of hands. This, together with corrective posture exercises, can help stop the pain.

Don’t Self-Medicate

The best way to deal with lower back pain is an active therapeutic solution. Painkillers provide temporary relief. But, they are addictive and come with other side effects.

Remain Pragmatic and Positive

People on the internet have loads of scary stories about lower back pain. But, you remain positive as few lower back pains require surgery or radical medication. You’d be surprised how postural correction can be useful in eliminating the problem.

Consult a Chiropractor

If symptoms persist, please consult your nearest chiropractor. But where should you start? Advanced Health Chiropractic is the #1 chiropractor in Troy, MI. Dr. Lisa and Jamie Bell focus on the “whole person approach” for each unique situation.

These hands-on techniques include the best in natural vitamins and mineral supplements and cutting edge physiotherapy procedures. Flexible payment plans also ensure that everyone can have the best care.

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